Monday, 18 January 2010

Pornstar Profile: Miss Balogh

What can i say about one of the most famous pornstar in SL ^^ ...
Miss Balogh work speak by itself , 10 videos, most filmed by Ruff Brocco and more work done for SLut magazine:

I confess.... i like her a lot, she is the image of a perfect pornstar... a body to die for, slutty, fun to be with, but most important thing, very hard working and very serious about the porn biz.
Also she's blond and Brazilian a magic combination for me ;)

So far i filmed her only in one short video last Christmas:
but we are working together on some new ideas and hopefully by this month you all will be able to enjoy her in more nasty and dirty porn videos.

Don't forget to visit her blog: because is always bursting with interesting articles about SL porn and about the people that make all this fun:

Here her complete filmography:


  1. Hi Pas, I would like to say thanks.
    Thanks very much for the words.
    I hope work wiht you more.

  2. You welcome babe, you deserve all the best for your career :)