Friday, 22 January 2010

Miss Balogh in Portuguese

Miss Balogh created another "delicious" blog, this time written in Portuguese language:
This is a great opportunity to bring more people from different backgrounds into the Sl Porn business. And if that means more Brazilian Pornstars i will be more than happy to have them around, because i have lots of Brazilian friends both in real and in SL and i love their culture.
Samba and Porn sounds good to me ;)
Well done Miss Balogh , keep up the good work .. you are always gostosa :))


  1. Thanks Pas, thanks very much for the words, and my new blog has this intention to atract more brazilian into SL Porn Business and show this job.
    Thanks one more time,
    Miss Balogh

  2. you welcome babe, you are doing a fantastic job :)