Friday, 22 January 2010

Dirty Wolf Productions

As i just mentioned Brazilian Pornstars in my previous post, i want to talk a bit about Dirty Wolf Productions.

D.W. is run by Lupus Foden and Aisha Gregan, a very hot Brazilian couple, that have recently started filming their own porn videos in SL. I saw Lupus before in some of Ruff Brocco videos and Aisha only in pictures on Flame brook Inferno website. ((Sign up and log in there to enjoy an amazing amount of Sl porn ;)))

Their avatars are very good looking and will get anyone excited while watching their videos.
I know for sure that both of them have already lots of fans hehe and lots of people are enjoying their work.

I love their videos because Lupus used sounds and voices in Portuguese, something that i find very hot, original and different from the rest of the other Directors including myself, where i only use voices in English. Hearing sounds of people fucking and moaning in Portuguese is very very HOT :D.... plus Aisha is very gorgeous.

Here the link to check their work and i look forward to see more of their hot porn:


  1. Hey dude,
    Whatta surprise!!
    Im really glad reading about our work here at your blog.
    It makes us thinking about to work hard to make it better and better.
    Many many thanks for your compliments it was very kind of you.

  2. Btw...
    Congrats for your films, man.
    I always said to Priscila how hot they are.
    Keep rocking